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Actual Size: 20ft by 20ft by 8ft tall

Monitors: Optional

Outlets: 1


Classic Joust

The Inflatable Joust is one of our very popular games for any event or get together, but specially for block parties, it seems like every block party has a Joust and an obstacle Curse. The purpose of the game is to push your contender of the pedestal, each participant stand in each pedestal, one in the blue and one on the red, and they use the foam poles to push each other of the pedestal. whoever falls of first loses the battle. This game is very safe is the rules are follow as stayed on the information card posted on the Inflatable Joust, It has a area inflatable area with walls to prevent the player falling off the game, the poles are make of foam and the purpose of the game is to push each other off the pedestals not hit each other. 

  • Fun activity game.
  • Foam Poles.
  • Large inflated area to protect players.
  • 20 feet by 20 feet.

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